Thank you for stopping by Divno Photography! We would like to introduce ourselves. I, Becky-am the back-up photographer, my husband, Bosko-is the lead photographer. Bosko has been photographing for the last 12 years and I have been assisting him and photographing alone side of him for 4 years now.

We both appreciate the beauty of this world and are beyond blessed to be part of capturing moments and special events for others as well as for ourselves. Our preferred occasions to photograph are couples sessions and weddings. Weddings have a specific type of energy that makes your whole soul light up with love; we adore being part of that. The same can be said for photographing couples, it’s a true delicateness that touches the heart.

Photographs allow us to be able to revert back to special times in our lives, we can relive those joyous moments over and over again. A smile is one thing that never gets old…