Hello! Welcome! Thank you for stopping by Divno Photography! I am Becky, it’s lovely to meet you. Let me tell you a little bit about my husband, Bosko, and myself. Bosko is a creative soul who has been a photographer since 2004. I, myself, ever the multi-tasker, have been assisting him, taking pictures along side him, and handling the paperwork since 2013. Our downtime is spent with our family; staying active daily and traveling. We love seeing all the beauty in this world.

In fact, that is part of why we do what we do. We excel at capturing those special moments and blessed events – weddings, engagements, couples sessions.  Weddings are our specialty. There is an energy when love fills your heart and soul and lightens your being, we adore being part of that.

Photographs allow us to remember special times in our lives, relive the joy over and over. A smile is one thing that never gets old…