My Big Fantastic Serbian Wedding

Serbian weddings are everything but ordinary. The best way to describe this experience is a mega party like you’ve never seen before.

There are a couple of key ingredients to guarantee a Big Fantastic Serbian Wedding!

Key Ingredients to a Serbian Wedding: music, dancing, rakija and food!  Serbian weddings are known to have the trumpets blaring all day, trumpet players are call trubaci.  The music that plays is exciting and full of heart.

What good is music if you’re not going to dance?!  The most popular and well known dance is the signature dance, Srpsko kolo.  The Srpsko kolo is a traditional dance arranged in a circle and the steps are 3 steps left then 3 steps right.  This repetitive step goes on for 3-6 minutes typically.  There are many different looks to this simple step; some decide to make it fancy while others enjoy the basics.

Ziveli! That is the toast you will hear and then you will experience your first sip of Rakija.  It is a good thing that you will love it because it will be there all night.  Rakija is an alcoholic beverage made from plums, its fruity goodness is guaranteed to put hair on your chest.

Hungry?  Lamb and pork are the main meats of choice, roasted to crispy goodness is how it’s served. Another traditional dish that never misses a party is sarma; sarma is a savory cabbage roll with a hint of sour that will be sure to satisfy your taste buds.  Last but not least, cakes and cookies galore!  There is usually not one but two maybe even three tables of sweets.  Since moms and aunts love to feed people this is where they shine.

Traditions: Another import factor to a Serbian wedding would be the wild traditions.  These traditions have been passed down from generation to generation.  Some may sound strange but they all have meaning behind them.  To name a few:

The lifting of a small male child by the bride will ensure many babies in the newlywed couples future.

Another tradition is to throw money coins over the home.  I’m sure you can guess what this act is supposed to bring to the new couple; MONEY!!

How about buying the bride? Say what? That’s right.  Before the bride can be received by her man she must first be bought by the groom’s family.  The person to buy her is usually the brother of the groom or a cousin that is a male.  I have seen many unique strategies when it comes to buying the bride, from using a million dollar check to win her over, all the way to having a nice gesture like a chicken in a cage as a peace offering to purchase the bride.  Every bride is worth a million dollars and change but not everyone is willing to pay that. Hahaha!

Lastly, the ceremony!  The church ceremony stands out from the conventional wedding with the crowning of the bride and groom before they travel around a small area of the church with their hands tied together signifying their unity as one.

Serbian weddings are definitely BIG and FANTASTIC, if you’re ever invited to one, make sure you dress to impress, everyone else will!  Drink up and dig in, the night will blow you away! ZIVELI!